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We are proud to offer online booking for medical appointments up to two months in advance, making it easy for you to schedule a visit at your convenience. Please note that our online booking system is not for urgent medical issues. For all urgent issues, please call our clinic to speak with a member of our team or visit the nearest emergency department.

Online Bookings

 Certain restrictions apply: You must be a patient at Trafalgar Medical Clinic, you can book upto 2 months in advance and only in person appointments can be booked online.  

For well-baby visits, COVID positive patients, or to inquire if you could have a phone appointment please contact our reception at 905-844-3281

Urgent Appointments


For same day or urgent appointments please phone the office to speak with our staff.  All of our physicians reserve several same-day appointments for urgent issues.  These are issued on a first-come first-serve basis and availability is best at 8-9am.


Please note if you are having an emergency do not call our office  or book online- go straight to your nearest emergency department. 

Doctor's Appointment
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Cancel My Appointment

  • If you have an appointment you would like to cancel you can email cancellations to: 

  • Include in the email your full name, DOB, Doctor's name and appointment date and time. 

  • Please provide 24-48 hours notice to cancel otherwise you may be subject to a missed appointment fee which ranges between $50-100+ depending on appointment type. 

  • Please do not email requests to book or reschedule appointments for this you will need to call the office directly 905-844-3281. 

  • Do not address any medical questions to this email address. This email address is not monitored regularly.

Urgent appointments
Online bookings
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