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Clinic Policies

Learn more about some of the policies we have at Trafalgar Medical Clinic.  Your provider may have more specific policies of their own.   These help us to provide you with safe, effective and efficient care. 

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Prescription Renewals

You should be given enough medication at appointments to last until when your doctor wants to follow-up with you to see how the treatment is working or organize bloodwork or other tests.

You will either need an appointment for a prescription renewal, or if you want your pharmacy to request one on your behalf this is not an OHIP-covered service and will be subject to a fee (note this service is covered by our annual fee plan if purchased)

Please ask about refills that are soon to be due at each appointment or book a visit when you have 30+ days of medication left to ensure there's no gap in care. 

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Respectful Workspace

Trafalgar Medical Clinic promotes an environment where everyone is treated and spoken to with respect and dignity. Please join us in meeting our goal. Verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated. If you engage in this type of behaviour, our staff shall immediately terminate the conversation with you. Depending on the circumstances you may get a warning, be asked to leave the premises or be dismissed from the practice.  Thank you for the respect.

See our full policy here

Missed Appointments

& Late Arrivals

We require 24hrs notice (1 business  day) to cancel or re-schedule an appointment.  If you cancel with less than that you may be charged a missed appointment fee that ranges from $50-$100.  

Our doctors do their best to run on time.  Patients arriving late can be very disruptive to clinic flow. Please arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment to allow yourself time to register, be placed in exam room and get measurements (e.g. blood pressure) done if required. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your appointment you may be asked to rebook and/or charged a missed appointment fee. 

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Routine Appointments

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Visits are by appointment only. When booking an appointment, it is important that you tell our receptionist or write online why you are coming to see us so that she can schedule you properly.

Urgent medical issue?

Non-urgent visits like prescription renewals and pap tests and follow-up for chronic medical issues can be booked online upto 2 months in advance: click here.

Appointment length/Number of Issues

Appointments are generally 15 minutes long which allows you and your doctor to explore 1-2 small issues (e.g. rash, UTI)or 1 larger issue (e.g. diabetes, mental health, joint pain) thoroughly.

If you have multiple concerns speak to reception about booking a longer appointment or multiple appointments to allow you the time together with your physician to sort through each concern and give it the attention it deserves. You and your medical concerns are important and will be treated as such.

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Email Communication

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Our clinic uses a secure, encrypted, one-way email communication tool via a platform called OceanMD that allows us to communicate with you. This will allow your doctor to send you information around test results, treatment plans, imaging or bloodwork
requisitions. It may be used in advance of a visit or after a visit to collect more information about your concern through the use of questionnaires.

You may be asked to sign a disclaimer acknowledging the limitations of email communication prior to consenting to receive confidential emails.

Specialist Referrals

Once referred to a specialist their office should contact you directly with the details of your appointment or the approximate wait-list for an appointment.   You should hear from their office within 2-3 weeks with this information. 

If it has been 3 weeks since a referral has been sent and you have not heard from the specialist directly please call their office first to inquire about the status of your referral and phone us if you have any concerns or are unable to reach them.

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Preventative Health

Confused about whether or not you need an "annual physical?"  Unsure who gets a pap or a mammogram?  

Uninsured (non-OHIP covered) Services

Not every service is covered by OHIP.  See the following for a few examples. 

  • Prescription renewals without an appointment

  • Treatment of warts (other than on feet or genitals)

  • Letters for school/work/insurance companies. 

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